What happens to used tyres?

In some countries, they are reused and turned into flooring for gymnasiums, athletics tracks, playground flooring, etc. … although the number of tyres discarded each week is usually higher than the need and demand for the recycled rubber.
Other countries import used tyres and reuse them until they are completely unusable.
Unfortunately, they are often piled up in tyre graveyards or abandoned everywhere. This practice is a risk to be taken into account in many ways: fires that are difficult to extinguish, a nest of mosquitoes that transmit dangerous diseases (malaria, zika, yellow fever…) and a threat to our ecosystem.
Our REVALUO technology can be used to give a last life to these tyres and transform them into fuel bunker, extracting their steel skeleton and separating the fibre… three components with an important economic value.
We generate business and industry from what nobody wants!

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