Example of Thermolysis Plants

In this section we briefly explain some plants that have been installed and are currently operating with good results.

Data, plans, dimensions and spaces needed to house the different equipment and parts that make up these waste treatment plants through a Thermolysis process are given.

Also a brief follow-up of the route of the waste or in the case of Filakovo, of the pellets once they have entered into the process.

It is important to understand that each plant has unique characteristics that are defined by different factors such as the space available, the waste to be treated, the previous equipment that might exist in the plant and that could be used and assimilated by the new installation, or the product to be obtained. Depending on the different characteristics, the system can be calibrated to produce a greater or lesser quantity of a by-product, either by playing with the temperature, the time the waste stays in the plant, etc.

Filakovo, Slovakia

Almaty, Kazakhstan