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Sustainable waste recovery and revaluation

REVALUO waste to energy system is a turnkey solution by Landfillsolutions with which, through various processes and depending on the morphology of the waste, we manage to reduce by around 85 – 90% the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill, guaranteeing treatment with emissions that are far below those stipulated in the European regulations.

We recover all types of materials for their subsequent recycling and sale (glass, cardboard, paper, metals, etc.). The rest we transform into alternative products with economic value on the market, such as bioethanol, bunker biofuel, biochar, H2, coal smoke, etc.

1.- Waste treatment by Hydrolysis

Hydrolysis consists of applying water to previously sorted organic waste to achieve its decomposition and subsequent fermentation. Then, by means of a fractional distillation process, 92.8% (96ºGL) BioEthanol is obtained. The previously employed water is then recovered using a condensation process and the resulting product is a vinasse waste product, which continues to the Thermolysis process for its further use.

2.- Waste treatment by Thermal decomposition

Thermolysis involves the thermal decomposition of waste by means of pressure and temperature between 650°C and 1100°C (heating, not burning). In the absence of oxygen, molecular bonds contained in the solid waste broke, regrouping the atoms of combustible gases and carbons and releasing oxygen. Thermolysis produces minimal emissions as the waste is controlled and transformed into energy, thus avoiding the release of toxins into the atmosphere.

With this methodology we can generate electricity, heat, biofuels, biochar, synthetic gas, soil improvers and bunker oil in a totally clean way.


Municipal solid waste recycling Organic waste recycling

Municipal solid waste recycling Application of recoverable waste

Municipal solid waste recycling Fuel grade BioEthanol


Municipal solid waste recycling Waste to ENERGY

Municipal solid waste recycling Waste is heated, not burned

Municipal solid waste recycling Minimum emissions

Municipal solid waste recycling Modular plants

What do you get with REVALUO?

MiscellaneousBioEthanolDistilled waterSyngasCharcoal & BiocharBunker FuelHeatSoil ImproversHydrogen
Miscellaneous waste

Miscellaneous obtained from the Sorting process.

Bioethanol production

BioEthanol obtained through the Revastex process.

Production of destilled water

Distilled water obtained through the Revastex process.

Syngas obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Charcoal and biochar from waste

Charcoal & Biochar obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Fuel Bunker obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Heat obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Soil improver obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Hydrogen obtained through the Thermolysis process.

Minimum emissions

CO2 emissions from waste incineration


Emissions are tipically between 1,13 and 18,52 kg/h of CO2.

Petrol car harmful emissions

Petrol car

Not less than 112 g/km. 5.600 g/h in the city, 13.440 g/h on highways.

Hybrid car emissions

Hybrid (petrol-electric) car

Not less than 55 g/km. 2.750 g/h in the city, 6.600 g/h on highways.

Zero emissions by Thermolysis

Thermolysis plant

1,7 g/h – municipal solid waste (MSW), 3,9 g/h – plastic.

Stages of the waste treatment

Solid Waste Management - Collection

The first cycle of life of the waste is born from its collection and taking to the dump […]

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Solid Waste Management - Sorting

From the MSW according to the materials to be treated and the by-product to be obtained […]

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Solid Waste Management - Hydrolysis


All the organic part separated during the draw is subjected to a Hydrolysis process […]

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Solid Waste Management - Pelletisation

From the waste already separated to optimize the process and the amount of product obtained […]

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Solid Waste Management - Thermolysis Plant

The pellets treated by controlling the emissions and taking advantage of the gases emitted […]

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Solid Waste Management - Storage

The product obtained is stored for later treatment and/or packaging and sale […]

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Solid Waste Management - Exploitation and Treatment
Exploitation & Treatment

Of products obtained for the purpose of obtaining energy or selling directly to the market […]

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Solid Waste Management - Landfill Disposal
Landfill Deposit

From the part of the MSW without calorific value and not treated during the REVALUO process […]

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