Biomass to energy – an opportunity for sustainable development

Biomass is a renewable energy source that plays a fundamental role in the energy recovery process that has been taking place in recent years.

The transformation of biomass into energy is highly developed in countries such as France, Germany and Netherlands, however, in many others countries, there is still a long way to go for this renewable and clean energy source to become a fundamental energy source for the energy transition.

Biomass can be composed of many types of materials, including: agricultural waste, forestry waste, paper or wood waste and reusable vegetable oils.

In postharvest, food losses can reach up to 50%. They represent a source of pollution of soil, air and water bodies, which is a problem for both the environment and public health.

Branches, tops and non-merchantable wood left in the forest after clearing, thinning or felling of forest stands have a high content of macromolecular sugars. Countries that are committed to sustainable development make use of their forest biomass residues.

At LandfillSolutions, through our REVALUO waste recovery system, we use biomass to produce heat, biochar and syngas, so we can generate energy in a clean and sustainable way.


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