Overproduction of single-use plastics

Do we produce more plastic than we actually need?

And what about single-use plastics?

Around 40% of plastics consumed are discarded after just one use!

Plastic bags, plates, containers, cups, balloons, straws and many more are used in enormous quantities every day. All of them have more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Just a few of the many disadvantages of continuing to use single-use plastics:

They are composed of fossil fuels 🏭 so they are highly polluting and harmful to humans👫 and the ecosystem 🌎.

They take attention away from sustainable consumption and slow down or prevent ❌ entry into the circular economy 🌏♻.

– They are destined to pile up, and pollute.

– Current legislation regulates their production in some (not all) parts of the world, attempting to alleviate, but not solve the problem of their existence.

What is the solution?

1. Purchase and consumption of plastics reduction. ❌

2. Their reuse as much as possible.

3. Investment in technologies that efficiently transform waste into useful products and/or energy, such as REVALUO.

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