The nature is the wealth and the economy

The gravity of the climate emergency can no longer be ignored.

For many years people thought that we could not afford to change the whole business system. What every single study on climatechange over the last few years has shown us is that what we really cannot afford is to continue consuming and manufacturing in the same way as we have for the last few decades.

It is no longer about leaving a beautiful planet for our children, it is about saving the health and lives of millions of people who will pay a heavy price for our lack of responsibility in the years to come.

Every object we use is something we have somehow obtained from our nature. But among all we consume and transform or trow away, there are resources close to exhaustion, just as there are resources for which we have paid a very high price.

Unfortunately we rarely realise the extent of the consequences of our actions. And if there is one good quality we humans have, it is our great capacity to repair, recover, invent and create for good purposes.

One such invention that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the waste-to-energy systems.
WtE plants could play a fundamental role in the transition towards renewable energy and the zero-waste model.






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